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Dr. Priddy Meeks

Pioneer Doctor, Community Leader
Born: August 29, 1795, South Carolina - Died: October 7, 1886, Orderville, Utah

Converted to the LDS Church in 1840 in Brown County, Illinois, where he
served as Bishop. Joined the saints in Nauvoo, Illinois from 1842 to 1847.
Blessed by the Prophet Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith that he would have
children and sons to carry on his name. They requested that he name his
sons after them. Donated his oxen team and wagon tot he vanguard Mormon
pioneer company. Later outfitted, he arrived in Salt Lake Valley in October,
1847. Assisted with the settlement of the city. Served as the first president of the
"Society of Health," which trained the saints in better medical practices.

The remainder of his life was spent colonizing Southern Utah. He assisted
with the first settlements in Parowan (1851), Leeds-Harrisburg (1862), and
Berryville, now Glendale (1864). His vamily was the first in Mt. Carmel (1864)
living in a dugout at this site. They joined the United Order and moved to
Orderville in 1879. He was the father of nineteen children, includings sons
named Joseph and Hyrum. Descendants of Dr. Meeds and former patients
continue to use many of his herbal remedies.

Mary "Polly" Bartlett Meets
Born: 1793
Died: January 24, 1842, Spencer, Indiana

Married Priddy Meeks in 1815. He was age 20, she age 22. He called her
"my beloved Polly." Together they carved a farmstead out of Indiana Territory.
She died at age 31, having sacrificed all to build a better life for her family
on the new American frontier.

Lovin Eliza Athe Elizabeth

Elizabeth married Edward Dalton, March 6, 1848 in Salt Lake City. They moved
with Priddy Meeks to Parowan, Utah in 1851, where they helped to settle
that city.

Sarah Mahurin Meeks
Born: December 12, 1801, Grayson County, Kentucky
Died: August 17, 1900, Orderville, Utah

The window of Anthony Smith. Married Priddy
Meeks, December 24, 1826. Sarah's daughter,
Susan Smith, joined the Meeks family and later
married Orson Adams. Sarah made a splendid
stepmother for Priddy's children.

The meeks and Adams families were converted to the Latter-Day Saint
religion and moved to Nauvoo, Illinois in 1842. They were part of the Mormon
pioneer trek tot he west arriving in the Salt Lake Vally in October 1847.

Priddy said of Sarah, "I must pay a tribute of praise to my better half. She
never left anything unturned that would contribute to our comfort, either in
body or mind. She neither murmured or scolded. She bore everything in
patience like a saint of God. She truly proved a helpmeet to me."

Mary Jane Steven Mahurin Hulda Sarah Angeline Margaret Jane
Margaret Jane married Samuel Hamilton

Mary Jane McCleve Meeks
Born: August 21, 1840, Crawfordsburn, Ireland
Died: January 19, 1933, Orderville, Utah

Baptized a member of the LDS Church in the Irish Sea at age 10. In 1856,
her family sailed to America and joined the second Mormon handcart
company. She painted "9" on their cart as the number trekking in her family.
Her father, John McCleve, died two days before they arrived in the Salt Lake
Valley. Married to Dr. Priddy Meeks, November 14, 1856, by President
Brigham Young.

Priddy wrote of her, "Mary Jane was nearly seventeen and I sixty two.
If there was ever a match consummated by the providence of God this was
one; she has borne me ten children and they were well formed and intelligent.
If I had picked the territory, I could not have suited myself as well as in Mary Jane."

She learned the art of healing from Priddy and
delivered over 700 babies without loss of life.
Mary Jane was widowed at age 46. She did not remarry.

Nancy Jane
Hyrum Smith
John Priddy
Sarah Deseret
Mary Ellen
Heber Jesse
Charles Mason
Elizabeth Dalton
Alfred Randall

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