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Salt Lake City was settled on July 24, 1847 by Brigham Young and a group of Mormon Pioneers. They traveled by wagon train from Nauvoo, Illinois, after having been driven from the state by violent mobs. They came seeking freedom to worship according to their beliefs, and literally left the territory of the United States to find it.

The city was settled in the northeast corner of the Salt Lake Valley. To the east are the towering Wasatch Mountains, to the northwest is the Great Salt Lake. To the south and east the spacious valley extends for many miles. The valley has continually transformed itself since their arrival, from barren wasteland, to fruitful farmland, and now to a busy urban area, home to some 900,000 people. The core of the downtown was recently rebuilt with new shopping centers, offices and residential space, known as the City Creek Center. The city still occupies the northwest corner of the valley, while other cities have sprung up in other parts of the valley.

Salt Lake is a city rich in history and landmarks, none more famous than Temple Square, the headquarters of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Here is located the world-famous Tabernacle Choir and Organ, and the remarkable Salt Lake Temple. The University of Utah, originally founded by Brigham Young in 1850, is now an important university, and numerous other colleges are found in the city. The Utah State Capitol building is another important landmark, and also the City and County Building. The Delta Center is an important sports stadium.

Brigham Young mapped out the city within days of his arrival. He had a vision of an industrious people needing plenty of space for family gardens and raising animals. Each city block is one tenth of a mile square and the streets 132 feet wide, “wide enough for a team of four oxen and a covered wagon to turn around.”

For More Information:
See Salt Lake City’s official website, www.slcgov.com, and its tourism-oriented site, www.VisitSaltLake.com. See also Wikipedia’s article on Salt Lake City.

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1700 South Street
1910 South Street
2100 South Street
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Almond Street
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Capitol Blvd.
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Salt Palace
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Temple Square
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Conference Center
Lion House
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U Street
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Williams Avenue
Yale Avenue
Zane Avenue

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