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Torrey is a small farming community settled in the 1880's by Mormon pioneers in Rabbit Valley, not far from the Fremont River. It was supposedly named after Colonel Torry, one of Theodore Roosevelt's Rough Riders. Situated at a lofty 6,825 feet in elevation, the growing season is short, but runoff from the surrounding mountains provides the necessary irrigation water for ranching. The mountains, which reach above 11,000 feet, are beautifully forested and speckled with alpine lakes. The lower elevations to the east, where the Fremont River flows, are increasingly arid, finally reaching the desolation of the San Rafael Desert.

Just a few miles east of Torrey is Capitol Reef National Park, where many slanted layers of the earth surface have been eroded away over time. In the arid climate, many jagged canyons and rugged formation can be seen.

The population of Torrey as of the year 2000 is 171. Utah Highway 12 begins at Torrey and heads south.

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See Torrey's official site at www.torreyutah.com, and the article in Wikipedia on Torrey.

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