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Brigham City Co-op
Site Number 74

Brigham City was the first important Mormon community to
organize itself for cooperative activity under a system later
incorporated in the United Order of 1874. Approximately 30 or 40
industry branches were established with the aim of providing
employment for everyone in producing & manufacturing what
they consumed & used. The co-op began as a joint stock enterprise
with Elder Lorenzo Snow & three others subscribing 3000. From
1864 to 1880 the following co-op industry branches were established.

Hog Farm
Furniture Dep.
Butcher Dep.
Textile Ind.
Millinery Shop
Boot & Shoe Fac.
Saddle &
Harness Shop
Two Saw Mills
Wagon & Carriage
Repair Shop
Tailor & Fancy
Dry Farm
Mulberry Trees
Silk Works
Cotton Farm
Tin Shop
Pottery Shop
Broom Fac.
Brush Fac.
Green House
& Nursery
Wood Turning
Planing Mill
Hats & Caps
Rope Fac.

The co-op operated in Brigham City for more than 15 years and
had a profound influence on the history of Utah and surrounding
areas occupied by the Mormons. It was discontinued in 1880.

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