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Snowville is a small farming community located at an oasis in the deserts of northwestern Utah. Isolated from the world by miles of deserts and grassland, the surrounding Curlew Valley is watered by Deep Creek, which originates in a spring several miles to the north, and disappears into a sink a few miles west of Snowville. The water supplied by this creek has transformed the Curlew Valley into a beautiful farming district.

Settlers first came to the area in 1869, and Snowville was founded on August 14, 1876. Today it has a population of 177 people. It is not named for any abundance of snow which falls here, it being low in elevation and arid, but it is named after Lorenzo Snow, an early prophet of the LDS (Mormon) Church.

Interstate 84 passes by Snowville, and Utah Highway 30 begins at Snowville and continues westward to the Nevada border. Snowville is just a few miles south of the Idaho border, and it is one of the only towns in Utah found to the north of Great Salt Lake, which lies a good distance off. The elevation at Snowville is 4551 feet.

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