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Their Survival Depends on Us

As humans impact endangered species

Peregrine falcons, osprey, bald eagles and black-
footed ferrets are a few local species in danger of
extinction. Extinction is a natural process. However,
recent increased loss of the world's biological
diversity has accelerated dramatically.

Why should we save endangered species and their
habitats? Each species is part of the complex ecosystem
of all living things, including humans. When a species
changes or becomes extinct, the rest of the ecosystem
is affected. From an economic viewpoint, most
of our food and medecine had origins in wild species.
Our society can benefit from plants and animals that
are now being lost to extinction.

All species have an intrinsic worth and beauty. We
have the ability and obligation to correct our actions
and save endangered species and natural ecosystems.
Loss of species indicates that something is
wrong in the environment. What endangers plants and
animals may also endanger humans.

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