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Explore & Enjoy the
Sheep Creek Area

With a mountain-building, dinosaur roaring, bighorn
sheep-hunting past, this area offers the visitor millions
of years of history to discover and a diversity of terrain to
explore. A respite tucked away from the hustle and
bustle of everyday life. Sheep Creek is also a welcome
change from its arid surroundings. From spawning
salmon to bounding bighorn, a plethora of wildlife
calls this area home. Hike the adjacent cliffs for a
bird's-eye view of the area or follow in the footsteps of
deer as you amble along the Sheep Creek Nature Trail.
Watch for animal tracks. Listen for cranes trumpeting
overhead, relish this shady oasis and enjoy your visit.

Welcome to the
Sheep Creek Nature Trail

While walking the nature trail, you will learn about riparian
habitat, kokanee salmon, bats, dippers and early Native American
use of this area. Watch for interpretative signage posted along the
way, indicated on the above map by gold dots. This is an easy
3/4-mile-long trail, suitable for all members of the family and
will take about 20-30 minutes to complete. The trail is paved to
the bridge, followed by compacted gravel.

For the Big Picture,
Drive the Geologic Loop

Driving along the 12 1/2' mile geologic loop, you will travel back
through time to see ancient geologic formations covered by
layers of younger rock. All these layers are clearly visible
because the rise of the Uinta Mountains has pushed them up
into view. You may also see Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep.,
mule deer, elk, moose, golden eagles and American kestrels
on this short scenic drive.

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