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Wolfe Ranch

John Wesley Wolfe settled here in the late 1800s
with his oldest son Fred. A nagging leg injury from
the Civil War prompted John to move west from
Ohio, looking for a drier climate. He chose this tract
of more than 100 acres along Salt Wash for its water
and grassland - enough for a few cattle.

The Wolfes built a one-room cabin, a corral, and a
small dam across Salt Wash. For more than a
decade they lived alone on the remote ranch.

In 1906, John's daughter Flora Stanley, her husband,
and their children moved to the ranch. Shocked at
the primitive conditions, Flora convinced her father
to build a new cabin with a wood floor - the cabin
you see today.

The reunited family weathered a few more years in
Utah and in 1910 returned to Ohio. John Wolfe died
on October 22, 1913, in Etna, Ohio, at the age of

John Wesley Wofle (right) and
his family cared for this place
for more than a decade. You
can help preserve it by looking
and thinking about the
character of the original
caretakers. Please do not touch
the walls, do not enter the
buildings, and do not leave
marks or graffiti on the walls.
Because of its importance in
local history, this site has been
listed on the National Register
of Historic Places.

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