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U. S. Mormon Battalion Trail

On the 14th day of March 1848, 25 members of the Mormon Battalion,
after their re-enlistment and discharge left San Diago for Salt
Lake by wagons on March 31st, they arrived at Williams Ranch.
Here they picked up 8 mules and on April 12th, continued on their
way from California to Salt Lake. At the request of Brigham Young, the men
listed below came south to help settle Kanab and Kane County.

Zadock K. Judd
Elisha Everett
John Brimhall
John C. Naile
Andrew Workman
Lyman Stephens
Zemira Palmer
Silas Harris
Levi Savage
Agustus E. Dodge
Samuel Myers
Ruben Alred
John Steel

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