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Isaac Behunin

Early Mormon Pioneer

In memory of Isaac Behunin,
Mormon Pioneer, Early Utah Settler and
credited with the naming of Zion Canyon.

Isaac Behunin was born October 20, 1803 in Richland, New York to Albert
and Nancy Lord Bohanan (Bohannon). He was involved in the thrust
westward, frontiersman and the religious revival of early America. In addition to
being a farmer, he helped build the Erie Canal as well as other canals during
the "Canal Craze" of the 1800s. He married Meribah Morton in 1823 and joined
the Mormon Church in 1833. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Kirtland, Ohio to
join the main body of the church. Meribah died in Kirtland, leaving Isaac three
small boys to raise; Philo, Isaac M., and William. He married Elmina Tyler in
1834, and over the following 19 years they had nine more children. He knew
the Prophet Joseph Smith and at times served as one of his body guards. He
helped build the Kirtland and Nauvoo Temples. In 1840 hewas ordained an
Elder and later a Seventy and High Priest. He served a short mission to Iowa.
He and his family suffered the losses, hardships and persecutions of the
"driving of the saints" through Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Iowa from 1833
until 1850 when he migrated to Utah.

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