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Orderville is a quaint Mormon community of 596 people in a mountainous area near the southern border of Utah. Lying at 5,479 feet in elevation in Long Valley, it surrounded by hills covered with junipers, cedars and sagebrush, topped by outcroppings of white- and cream-colored rock. Grazing land and fields of hay fill the valley, broken by stands of cottonwoods and other trees.

Orderville was settled in 1870 under the direction of Brigham Young. It was named after the United Order, a form of communal living practiced by many early Latter-day Saint communities. Land, buildings and other resources were owned by the community and were worked by members, who were provided goods and services without money. The United Order operated in Orderville until about 1886.

Long Valley runs generally north to south, carved by the East Fork of the Virgin River, which passes through the canyons of Zion National Park further south. The valley makes a turn westward at Orderville, and U.S. Highway 89, as it passes through Orderville, (called State Street), ends up running east-west. Highway 89 leads northward to Glendale, and southward to Mt. Carmel.

Southern Utah is a recreational mecca for outdoorsmen who enjoy the rugged scenery of cliffs and mountains and the wide, unpopulated areas. The Grand-Staircase National Monument lies east of Orderville.

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