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In 1849, after a peace treaty was signed between
Mexico and the United States, Congress was
petitioned to admit the State of Deseret into the Union.
However, this petition was denied and the Organic
Act of September 9, 1850, created the Utah

On October 4, 1851, under the direction of
Governor Brigham Young, the Utah Territorial
Legislature created Millard County and designated
Fillmore as both the county seat and as the capital of
the territory. The selection of Fillmore as the seat of
government was due to its central location. Fillmore,
and Millard County were named after the 13th
president of the United States, Millard Fillmore,
because of his friendship to the Mormon people.

To fulfill this grand scheme, a capitol building was
designed and construction began in the spirng of
1852. In concept and plan, the new "Statehouse"
was to consist of a four-winged structure with a large
central dome. However, due to financial difficulties
and other factors, only one wing was ever completed.

After one complete session of the Territorial
Legislature, 1855-1856, and two partial sessions, the
Territorial Capitol was removed to Salt Lake City.

The legacy of these early pioneers can be seen in
many of the cities and towns, the homes and shops.
The old Territorial Capitol building, now a history
museum, is preserved as a state park in the center of

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