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Morgan County is nestled in the Wasatch Mountains just east of the populated cities of Ogden and Salt Lake. Most of the area is covered by mountains which reach as high as 9,000 feet, with Morgan Valley at the its core. The Weber River flows along the north end of Morgan Valley, flowing out of Upper Weber Canyon on the east, and into Lower Weber Canyon to the West. East Creek flows out of the mountains at the south end of Morgan Valley and joins the Weber River. Morgan Valley is a lush, green valley of farmland surrounded by picturesque forested mountains. Many upscale homes are located throughout the valley and on the surrounding hills.

The only real town in Morgan County is Morgan, which lies on the Weber River near where it emerges from Upper Weber Canyon. A number of places are named in the county, such as Richville, Porterville and Croydon.

Morgan County was named after Jedediah Morgan Grant, who was the father of Heber J. Grant, who became the president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 1918 to 1945. The Mormon Trail, used by the Mormons in their exodus from Illinois to Salt Lake City, passed through the southeastern corner of Morgan County and the area was settled by them in 1860.

As of the 2010 census, the population of Morgan County is 9,469 people. The county covers 609 square miles. The lowest elevation about 4,790 feet on the Weber River where it leaves the county. The highest point is 9,786 at an unnamed peak on the Wasatch Mountains west of Morgan. Interstate 84 follows the Weber River through the county. State Highway 66 heads south from Morgan to East Canyon Reservoir and State highway 65 follows the Mormon Trail through the mountains in the southeast part of the county, also passing East Canyon Reservoir.

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