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In 1868 gold was discovered in the area where Marysvale is now located. A sudden influx of miners led to the formation of several towns, including Bullion City, in the Tushar Mountains west of Marysvale, which had a population of 1,650 in 1880. With the last of the mines closed fifty years ago, Marysvale still enjoys the glitz of it's mining town days.

Mormon settlers first arrived in the valleys of Piute County in 1864 and established some settlements which were soon abandoned due to the Black Hawk War with Indians. A party led by Parley P. Pratt camped in the ravine where Marysvale is now located and reported it to be a "Merry Vale," hence the origin of its name. The city was incorporated in 1913.

The Sevier River flows past Marysvale, out of a wide river valley to the south and into a narrow, winding canyon to the north named Marysvale Canyon. Mountain Ranges rise high above the valley on east and west, and Marysvale itself is at 5,850 feet in elevation, putting it high in the mountains. The Tushar Mountains reach elevations as high as 12,000 feet.

U.S. Highway 89 passes through Marysvale north to south. Bullion Canyon Road leads up into the mountains where Bullion City was located and anther road leads to the Silver King Mine. The population in the year 2000 was 381.

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