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The resort town of Garden City began in 1877 as a pioneer settlement on a narrow strip of farmland along the western shore of Bear Lake. Behind it, the mountains of the Bear Lake Range rise from sagebrush-covered foothills to the forested 9,000 foot peaks above. The 20-mile-long, blue lake stretches into the distance to the east, rimmed by mountains.

The cool summer weather (on account of the 6000 foot elevation) brings thousands of visitors daily to the beautiful blue lake. Hiking and camping in the nearby mountains, and winter sports, skiing and snowmobiling, are also popular.

Garden City is famous for its raspberries which thrive here, and a raspberry milkshake is a summer tradition for many people. While Bear Lake Valley is mostly devoted to ranching, the ranches around Garden City are mostly recreational and cabins dot the hillside. There are no major canyons near Garden City, but a small canyon is named after the town; and Swan Creek flows out of another smaller canyon to the north, providing water for the area.

U. S. Highway 89 descends from the mountains to the west, with many loops in and out of the gullies and hills. It continues north along the west shore of the lake. State Highway 30 follows the shore southward from Garden City. As of the year 2000 the population was 337, which is a small fraction of the people here during the summer.

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