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Woodruff lies in the Bear River Valley, in the highlands of the Rocky Mountains, along the Utah-Wyoming border. The Bear River flows out of the 14,000 foot peaks of the Uintah Mountains and flows through valleys higher than many mountain peaks. Even at an elevation of 6,340 feet, the valley around Woodruff is broad and flat and the river winds past in many loops a couple miles to the east. On the west side of Woodruff, the foothills of mighty mountains reach nearly to the town, but appear only as sagebrush-covered hills. Across the valley, the flat face Crawford Mountains make a more impressive and sudden rise from the valley floor, although their height still seems moderate.

Woodruff Creek flows through a wide, flat canyon out of the mountains to the west and through the middle of the town. The valley is green with grass and even swampy in places, while the hills can look pretty dry at times.

Woodruff was settled in 1870 by a group of Mormon pioneers from Bountiful, Utah. They named it after Wilford Woodruff, then president of the LDS Church, who was a frequent visitor to the area. The 2000 census puts the population of Woodruff at 194, although a sign in the town claims a population of 350.

Utah highways 16 and 39 junction at Woodruff. Highway 16 follows the Bear River northward through Randolph, and southward to Evanston, Wyoming. Highway 39 crosses the mountains to the west, ending up at Ogden, Utah. Highway 39 is closed during winter months.

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