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Old City Hall
Now Known as Council Hall

Constructed in 1864-66 at 20 E 1st South, this
red sandstone building served for nearly 30 years,
1866-1894, as the seat of city government. Here
the territorial legislature met and passed laws
establishing free public schools, made appropriations
for the first university of Utah buildings and granted
woman suffrage. From its cupola, a 1700 lb. bell sounded
fire alarms and curfews while its clock chimed the
time of day. In 1961 the structure was removed, stone by
stone, and restored to its original likeness through the
efforts of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day
Saints, the Sate of Utah, the Salt Lake City Corporation,
and the N. G. Morgan Foundation. Now a Utah State
Visitor Center and Historic Shrine.

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