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Gibbs-Thomas-Hansen House

Built in
1896 for Giedon A. Gibbs.
Later owned by Elbert D. Thomas, U.S.
Senator from 1932-1950.

The Gibbs-Thomas-Hansen House, built in 1895 for Gideon
A. and Margaret T. Gibbs, is both historically and architecturally
significant. Bought by the Thomas family in 1906,
the house is the only residence associated with Elbert D.
Thomas, who, as a U.S. Senator from Utah from 1932 to
1950, served several notable diplomatic and military positions.
Architecturally the hosue is significant as one of
approximately a dozen documented extant examples of the
residential design of Richard K. A. Kletting. Kletting is best
known for his design of the Utah State Capitol and more
commonly remembered for buildings such as the Deseret
News Building and the Saltair Pavillion.

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