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In Tribute To
The Utah Pioneers

The founders of Utah, stalwart empire builders, led by
Brigham Young, entered the valley of the Great Salt Lake as
its first permanent settlers July 24, 1847. This was then
Mexican territory. By the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo,
February 2, 1848, the area was ceded to the United States.

As the first organized government in the Rocky Mountain
region, the provisional state of Deseret was created March 6,
1849, to function under its constitution until the Congress
of the United States shall otherwise provide. The territory
of Utah was established September 9, 1850. Brigham Young,
who had been elected Governor of Deseret, was appointed
Governor of the Territory of Utah by Millard Fillmore,
the President of the United States.

Utah became the 45th state in the union January 4, 1896.

With loyalty to high principles and unwavering trust in
God, the Mormon pioneers established this commonwealth,
framing its government according to the orderliness of
their lives, thus gaining for themselves and their posterity
the inspiring freedom assured to all citizens of our republic.

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