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The oldest Mormon settlement in the Blue
Mountain Region was first known as South
Montezuma. Later the name was changed to
Verdure after the lush green growth along
the stream bed. Verdure was settled by
men of the Blue Mountain Mission March 11, 1887, under the
direction of Pres. Francis A. Hammond of the San Juan Stake.
He called George A. Adams, Frederick I. Jones, Parley R. Butt
and Charles E. Walton to establish a new settlement at North
Montezuma, later named Monticello. They first set up camp at
Verdure to prepare for a permanent settlement at
Monticello, six miles to the north.
When company members moved on to Monticello
in 1888 the Adams and Butt families remained at
Verdure. By 1894 they were joined by the Alvin Decker,
Willard Butt, Lingo Christensen, R. P. Hott and Francis Nielson
families. Nielson operated a store and a school out of his log
home, the first church met in the Decker home, and in 1893 a
post office was installed in the Adams home.
Verdure was a peaceful frontier village where cattle, farming
and cheese-making were the main occupations. Gradually the
settlers moved to Monticello.
1995 No. 481 Monticello Camp

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