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Canyon Country

Within a day's drive of this point are serveral
parks and recreation areas which preserve many
of the scenic and historic wonders of Utah's
canyon country.

This intersection is the gateway to the Needles
District of Canyonlands National Park. Highway
211 passes Canyon Rims Recreation Area, the
petroglyphs of Newspaper Rock, many side
canyons and dramatic rock formations, and also
provides access to Manti-La Sal National Forest.
The paved road ends in the Needles District at
Big Spring Canyon Overlook. There is no road
access to the Island in the Sky or the Maze from
Highway 211. On the way to the Needles, drive
slowly and take time to stop at pulloffs and
scenic features.

Careful planning will help insure a safe and
enjoyable visit. Campsites, fuel, food, and
supplies are limited.

Public LandsDistanceDrive Time
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area
Held back by the massive Glen Canyon
Dam, Lake Powell stretches 186 miles
through scenic canyons. Boating, water
sports and camping.
Hite Marine
113 miles
182 km
2.5 hours
Newspaper Rock Recreation Site
Sandstone wall bearing amazing variety
and concentration of Indian petroglyphs,
some as old as 1,000 years. Facilities
include primitive camping and pit toilets.
Water and hookups not available.
12 miles
20 km
20 minutes
Arches National Park
Extraordinary and colorful natural stone
arches, windows, pinnacles, and pedastals.
46 miles
77 km
1 hour
Canyonlands National Park
Island in the Sky
High and isolated mesa bounded by the
steep canyons of the Green and Colorado
Rivers. Sweeping views from canyon rims.
72 miles
120 km
1.5 hours
The Needles
Fascniating array of sculptured
rock spires and arches. Most scenic
destination accessible by hiking trail
or 4-wheel-drive road.
34 miles
57 km
45 minutes
The MazeHans Flat Ranger Station
A puzzling landscape of canyons,
buttes, and pinnacles in one of the
most remote areas of the United States.
Access only by 4-wheel-drive, foot,
and raft.
(Via Green River)
173 miles
288 km
4 hours
(Via Hite)
232 miles
387 km
5.5 hours
Natural Bridges National Monument
Three sandstone bridges carved by
stream erosion, the largest spanning
268 feet.
75 miles
125 km
1.5 hours
Dead Horse Point State Park
Spectacular mesa-top view of the
serpentine Colorado River 2,000 feet
below. Museum and campground.
76 miles
127 km
1.5 hours
Green River State Park
A staring point for whitewater raft
trips and flatwater canoeing on the
Green River. Camping, picnicking,
and water sports.
97 miles
162 km
2 hours
Goblin Valley State Park
A valley with sculptured rock formations
which excite the imagination.
145 miles
235 km
2 hours
Edge of the Cedars State Park
Remnants of structures left by the
Ancestral Puebloans still stand.
Cultural museum.
38 miles
63 km
40 minutes

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