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Bluff Meetinghouse

Bluff's log meetinghouse was the center of all public
gatherings for the small community on the remote
San Juan frontier. The meetinghouse, which was part
of the north wall of Bluff Fort, served as chapel,
courthouse, ballroom, concert hall and schoolhouse.
It was a place where pioneers were entertained with
dances, dramatizations and musical performances.
It was also a place of worship and learning, and on
occasion, it sheltered familes whos mud roofs failed
to keep the rain out or whose cabins were flooded by
the river. The meetinghouse was built in the latter
part of 1880. "It offered a handy place for friends to
meet, and for strolling lovers to rest in the evening.
...not just a church, but simply a meetinghouse, vested
with all essentials for solemn worship, but not too good
nor too nice for any lawful service to the busy pioneers."
On Christmas, "...children thronged the old log school
house during the day, and the place became the scene
of many a merry party in long winter evenings."
Albert R. Lyman

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