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Kumen Jones Home

The Jones log cabin was located in the northwest corner of the fort. Near the turn of the century, the
Joneses constructed an elegant stone home adjacent to their original cabin. Fire destroyed the Jones home
in 1975.

In 1896 a gold rush brought an influx of men to this area including J. R. Lumpkin, a skilled mason and
stone cutter. After having no luck in the goldfields, Lumpkin sought employment in Bluff. His craftsmanship
is evident in the early stone homes throughout the area.

Kumen was known for his frienship with the Navajos and Utes. Nurturing peaceful relationships with the

Navajos and Utes was one of the primary purposes of the San Juan settlement.
See the plaque on the northwest corner for additional information.

Kumen and Mary Jones (couple on the right) with unidentified friends.
Charles Goodman Photo, mid 1890's, USHS Archives.

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