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Location of the Co-op Store

THe community's co-op store was located in the northeast corner of the fort. This
cooperative venture, which provided a means for buying, selling and tracking,
became very successful. The Navajos and Utes also frequented the store, tradking
their wool, pelts and woven goods. Near the turn of the century, the log structure
was replaced with a two-story stone building. The upper floor of the new store was
used as the community's dance hall. In 1925 the bank robbers alias Fred Starr used
too many sticks of dynamite when attempting to open the safe. That caused the
demise of both the co-op and Fred Starr.

Sketch of the log co-op by Remington W. Lane, 1894.

Phot of the stone co-op by Charles Goodman, about 1898

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