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Weber River
Fish Habitat Enhancement Project

This project was funded to improve fish habitat, streamside
vegetation and provide the public access to the Weber River for
recreational opportunities.

Drop structures (large boulders placed in the stream channel) have
been constructed to reduce stream velocity and create pools where
fish can rest and hide. Drop structures also enhance stream
stability by moving the force of the river away from the banks.

Streamside or riparian vegetation such as willow, cottonwood,
dogwood, deep-rooted grasses and forbs are extremely important
to many species of wildlife and the life of the streambanks. Stable
streambanks keep soil from eroding into the water. Clean water
keeps fish spawning gravels free of silts. Clean gravel areas also
provide for maximum aquatic insect production. Aquatic insects are
an important food source for fish.

This access area is surrounded on all sides by private property.
Please respect the rights of adjacent landowners. Property
boundaries are marked. Please keep all motorized vehicles on roadways.
Please pack out all trash.

Enjoy your natural resources. Thank you for your cooperation.

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