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Temple Camp and
Supplication Hills

On Saturday, July 17, 1847, Brigham Young and the main
group of pioneers left their camp a mile up Echo Canyon
and due to Brigham's illness, traveled only 2-1/2 miles.
Their camp of July 17-18, was .4 mile west of this marker
on the east bank of the Weber River. Sabbath meetings
were held in the Temple Camp on the 18th. Brigham
Young was washed and anointed for a blessing of health,
then he fell into a deep sleep and awakened feeling much
better. Their prayers were answered.

At about 2 p.m. on Saturday, July 17,
four members of the Quorum of
Twelve and six other brethren,
ascended the high and steep
"Supplication Hills" to the
northeast of this marker.
After walking about 2 miles
from Temple Camp to the
top of the mountain, they dressed for temple prayer and
pled to the Lord in behalf of President Young and others
who were sick in camp, the saints who were following,
and for their own wives and children who were left
behind at Winter Quarters

Before rejoining the camp, they rolled large rocks down
from the top of the mountain to amuse themselves. As they
returned, they passed a lone conglomerate column
(Sentinel Rock) about 125 feet high, which is visible to the
northeast of this marker.
They also told of seeing other
chimney-like rock towers
situated in nearby hollows.

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