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Historic Marker "O"

Swimming Pool and Other Buildings

Starting in 1943, base personnel could come to the pool and cool-off
during the hot summer months. The main pool measures 60 feet by 74 feet
and the wading pool is 16 feet by 34 feet. The unusual sides slope at about
a 30 degree angle from the top to bottom with straght walls on the ends
of the pool. A concrete walk and sunning deck surround the pool.
This pool was in use up
through the early 1980's.

The engineering building was
162 feet by 123 feet and 30 feet
high. An extensive machine shop
was in the building with lathes,
mills, shapers, heat-treat ovens,
plating tank, hand tools and other
equipment. The 509th Composite
Group made extensive use of the
shop to modify B-29 aircraft for
the atomic missions.

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