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Lying just outside the boundaries of Zion National Park, Springdale is primarily a venue for tourists visiting the park. Motels, shops and houses in Springdale stretch along the Utah Highway 9 for a few miles, with almost no other streets in the town. Rugged peaks of the mountains line the canyon walls, and Zion's shining towers are easily seen to the north.

Visitors in Springdale far exceed the town's resident population of 457 (by the 2000 census). Originally a Mormon farming community, irrigated fields still remain along the lowlands near the Virgin River. The elevation is 3,900 feet.

The National Park Service operates a shuttle service from Springdale into Zion Canyon, to alleviate traffic in the canyon. Since much of Zion Canyon itself is only accessible by the shuttle, many people choose to ride all the way in from Springdale.

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Wikipedia has an article on Springdale, and Springdale has an official site.

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