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In the south central part of Utah, the 2509 inhabitants of Wayne County inhabit 2460 square miles of dry and mountainous terrain. Rabbit Valley, a picturesque valley 7100 feet above sea level on the Fremont River, is home to most of the county's population. Here high forested mountain peaks collect winter snows that provide irrigation water. The Fremont River drains from Fish Lake in the western mountains, eastward through the length of the county where it empties into the Dirty Devil River, a tributary of the Colorado River.

The communities of Wayne County were mostly settled after 1880, and it became a separate county from Piute County in May 1892.

The main entrances to Capitol Reef National Park and remote areas of Canyonlands National Park are in Wayne County. These, along with Fish Lake and National Forest lands provide recreational opportunities. The San Rafael Desert covers eastern parts of the county with wide open areas and rugged and rocky mountains.

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