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At the point where the Beaver River flows through a gap in the nearby mountains, sits the rural community of Minersville. The mountains lie on the east of town, and stretch to the north and the south. A large valley stretches to the west, and is called the Escalante Desert. Irrigation water from the river supports farms and ranches clustered in the lowest areas of the valley. Beyond the reach of the river, the land is very dry, with sagebrush covering the surrounding hills and junipers on the higher slopes. The mountains to the north are called the mineral mountains; those to the south are called the Black Mountains.

Minersville was settled in the spring of 1859 and as of 2000 has a population of 817. Utah Highway 21 approaches from Beaver on the east, passes by Minersville on the north and then turns north towards Milford. Utah Highway 130 passes southward through Minersville on Center Street and continues south towards Cedar City, after climbing through the Black Mountains.

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