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Milford is located in the Escalante Desert, in a spacious but arid valley, at the edge of the bottoms of the Beaver River. From the narrow ribbon of grassland along the river, a long gradual slope covered in sagebrush rises to the feet of the mountains. To the south of Milford, irrigated fields cover the lowlands of the valley, fed by water from the Beaver River.

Milford’s earliest inhabitants were miners who lived in shacks near their mines. Arvin Stoddard and John D. Williams made a formal settlement here in 1880. The railroad came to Milford in the 1880's and later was extended into Nevada. Milford was incorporated in 1903. The population of Milford has risen and declined with the mining, cattle and railroad industries. As of 2000 1,451 people live here.

State Highways 21 and 257 junction at Milford. Highway 21 heads west towards Nevada, passing through a large uninhabited desert. It turns southward at Milford and comes to Minersville. Highway 257 heads north towards Delta. The elevation at Milford is 4,957 feet.

Frisco, the ghost town remains of a once thriving mining town, is a popular attraction near Milford, located in the mountains to the west on Highway 21.

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See Milford’s official site at www.milfordut.com and Wikipedia, Milford, Utah.

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