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Smithfield was settled on the banks of Summit Creek in October, 1859 by Seth Langton and Robert and John Thornley. The wide green grassland of Cache Valley spreads miles to the west, south and north, while the rocky, forested Wasatch Mountains rise thousands of feet above the valley to the east. Being a Mormon settlement, John Glover Smith was called to be the Mormon bishop and the settlement was named after him.

The streets of Smithfield are laid out on a north-south, east-west grid with wide streets, as is typical of Mormon settlements. The trees in the city make it distinguishable from the surrounding farmland at a distance. Being close to Logan, urbanization is affecting the city, and businesses are cropping up along the highway between the two cities.

Today (as of 2010) the population of Smithfield is 9,495. U. S. Highway 91 passes through the city on Main Street, heading south to Logan and north to Preston, Idaho. Utah Highway 218 crosses Cache Valley westward from Smithfield, accessing the rich farmland, and crossing the Bear River in the middle of the valley.

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See the official site of Smithfield at www.smithfieldcity.org. See also Wikipedia's article on Smithfield.

Street Index

110 South Street
120 South Street
160 South Street
180 South Street
20 North Street
250 East Street
330 East Street
376 East Street
425 East Street
455 East Street
470 East Street
490 East Street
550 East Street
600 East Street
630 North Street
640 East Street
680 West Street
80 North Street
810 East Street
830 East Street
880 East Street
Center Street
Eighth North Street
Eighth South Street
Fairway Drive
Fifth North Street
First East Street
First North Street
First South Street
First West Street
Fourth North Street
Fourth South Street
Fourth West Street
Hillside Drive
Main Street
Millstone Drive
Ninth East Street
Oak Street
Parkview Drive
Ridge Hollow Road
Second East Street
Second North Street
Second South Street
Second West Street
Seventh East Street
Seventh South Street
Sixth South Street
Sixth West Street
Summit Drive
Third East Street
Third North Street
Third South Street
Third West Street

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