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About Cache County

The settlement of Cache County began in 1856 when Peter Maughan settled at Wellsville. In 1859, five other towns were settled by Mormon Pioneers, including Logan which is now the County Seat and largest city.

Cache County covers an area of 1,165 square miles encompassing the Utah portion of Cache Valley, and a large area of the Wasatch mountains which rise suddenly on the eastern side of the wide, flat valley. Striking canyons such as Logan Canyon and Blacksmith Fork Canyon cut deep into these mountains, providing breathtaking sightseeing and recreational opportunities. It is separated from the Salt Lake Basin on the west by a low ridge of mountains. Elevations range from 4400 feet at the low point in the valley to nearly 10,000 at Logan Peak and others.

The Bear River flows from the north, is joined by the Logan river and others near Logan and then flows west through the hills and into the Great Salt Lake. The Clinton Dam, near this western passage, forms a reservoir in the lowest part of the valley. Cache County is also home to Newton Lake, which was formed by the first dam built in Utah.

Today the population of the county is 91,208 (as of 2000), with a 30% increase in the past decade. The striking landscape and peaceful atmosphere are an attraction to many people.

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