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Paradise was the name given to this pioneer settlement at the south end of Cache Valley. The valley is only a few miles wide here, and the Bear River Mountains rise to elevations of 8,000 feet just to the east of Paradise. The Little Bear River flows by just to the west, and beyond it are more hills which turn into mountains further to the west. To the south, the Little Bear River is fed by two creeks flowing out of the mountains called East Fork and South Fork. They meet at a small town named Avon, and flow northward into Hyrum Lake, and then out into the wider areas of Cache Valley. Avon is surrounded by greenery, farmlands and native grasses in the valley and forests on the mountains, as befits its name.

Paradise has a population of 729, at the 2010 census. It has a neat grid of streets laid out by the Mormon pioneers who settled it. Houses are sparsely scattered through the town, with much open space. Many of them are old, preserved from earlier days, and some are new, upscale mansions. The north-south streets are numbered from the center street of the town, which is named Bridger Street. The east-west streets are numbered from some central point of Cache Valley, and have large numbers that tell just how far it is to that origin point (in thousandths of miles).

State Highway 165 begins at Paradise and heads north to Hyrum. The road south to Avon is just a locally maintained route, and eventually turns to dirt as it heads up South Canyon.

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200 West Street
8700 South Street
8800 South Road
8800 South Street
8900 South Street
9000 North Street
9000 South Street
9100 South Street
9200 South Street
9300 South Street
9400 South Street
9500 South Street
Bridger Boulevard
First East Street
First West Street
Mt. Pisgah Road
Second East Street
Second West Street
State Highway 165
Third East Street
Third West Street

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