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The city of Hyrum lies towards the south end of Cache Valley, on a hill overlooking the valley to the north. The Little Bear River flows into Hyrum Lake on the south of the town, and then flows by on the west side of town, to join the Bear River, further north. To the south, the valley narrows down, and eventually ends as the mountains close in. To the north, it widens out and extends for many miles, into Idaho. The Bear River Mountains to the west of Hyrum are a long range of mountains reaching to nearly 10,000 feet in elevation, and extending far to the north. Wellsville mountain, to the west, is a beautiful peak that rises from a lower line of hills. Farmland fills all the valley floor between the city and the mountains.

Hyrum was founded in 1860 by a group of 23 Mormon pioneer families, many of whom were the descendants of Ezra T. Benson. It was named after Hyrum Smith, the brother of the prophet Joseph Smith. The city is laid out in a grid of streets with just eight blocks to the mile. Utah Highway 101 passes through on Main Street. It continues to Wellsville to the west, and up Blacksmith Fork Canyon to the east. Utah Highway 165 passes by on the east side of Hyrum, heading north to Logan, and south to Paradise.

The population of Hyrum was 7,609 at the 2010 census. It has grown quickly for the last few decades, and is the third largest city in Cache County. The elevation ranges from 4,600 feet on the north end of town, to 4,780 feet on the bench overlooking Hyrum Lake.

Hyrum Lake was formed by a dam on the Little Bear River, and it extends for about a mile to the south of Hyrum. It is managed as Hyrum State Park, and is a popular retreat for boating, swimming and fishing.

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Hyrum has its official website at www.hyrumcity.com See also the Wikipedia article on Hyrum.

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