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In May of 1859, a group of Mormon settlers arrived in Logan and began to build a city. They worked in collaboration to plant a field of wheat and to harvest logs for building cabins. They surveyed the land, planned wide streets, and built two rows of cabins. William B. Preston became the first bishop in November. The city was incorporated on January 17 1866 with Alvin Crockett as the first mayor.

The city was named after Ephraim Logan, an early trapper.

Logan is on the east side of Cache Valley, near the mouth of Logan Canyon. The mountains rise abruptly on the east side of the city, and the broad, fertile valley extends for miles to the north, west and south. The Logan River flows through the city and meets the Little Bear River further west.

In 1878 the Logan Tabernacle was completed, a beautiful stone meeting house accommodating some 2000 people. In 1884 the Logan Temple, a monumental religious edifice of special significance to the Mormons, was completed.

Due to it's central location and the availability of water, Logan grew quickly, became the county seat, and now has a population of 33,000. Logan, along with all of the Wasatch Front, has been in a period of tremendous growth for the past several years. Utah State University is located in Logan and is its largest employer.

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U.S. Highway 89
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