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Newton was settled in 1869, a mile north of the Bear River on the west side of Cache Valley. It is situated on a south-facing slope, and Little Mountain is just to the northeast, a large hill that reaches to 5,593 feet and juts out into the valley. Newton Creek flows down the hillside and through the town. The lowest areas of the valley lie to the south and southeast from Newton, and Logan, the largest city in the area, is just across the valley to the east.

Clarkston was settled five years ahead of Newton, and so Newton was the “new town” in the area, which is how it got its name. In 1871, a bridge was built over the Bear River, encouraging more settlers to come. In 1871, construction began on the Newton Dam, which was built on Newton Creek, a couple miles to the north, right at the feet of Little Mountain. It was the first reservoir built in Utah. It was completed in 1885. Newton Lake is still in use today and provides for irrigation water as well as recreation. More recently, the Cutler Dam was built on the Bear River, forming the Cutler Reservoir just south of Newton.

Newton has a population of 789, as of the year 2010. It was settled by pioneers of the Mormon Church, and most residents today are still of that faith. The town has a grid of large blocks and there is lots of space between the houses. Farmland surrounds the town. The elevation ranges from 4,490 to 4,570 feet. Utah Highway 23 passes through Newton on Main Street, which runs east and west. The highway turns south on Fourth West Street and heads along the feet of the mountains towards Mendon. Going east, it wraps around Little Mountain, turning north and comes to Trenton. State Highway 142 begins at Newton and heads northwest to Clarkston.

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