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Providence is a city of 7,075 people immediately south of Logan, in beautiful Cache Valley and at the feet of the Bear River Mountains. It was first settled in 1855 by Mormon pioneers who established the Elkhorn Cattle Ranch on Spring Creek, which flows out of Providence Canyon. In ancient times, Spring Creek formed a delta where it flowed into Lake Bonneville. The Lake being gone, Providence was laid out below the delta to the northwest and newer development has expanded up the hill to the mouth of Providence Canyon. Cache Valley extends for many miles north and south from Providence, and is several miles wide, extending westward from Providence.

Logan is the economic center of the valley, and Providence has become part of a thriving urban area. The population of Providence increased 61% from 2000 to 2010. State Highway 165 passes by the west side of Providence, and a retail development has sprung up along the highway.

Providence was originally called Spring Creek, and was named by LDS apostle Orson Hyde in 1859 when the Providence Ward was created, citing its providential location on Spring Creek.

The elevation of Providence ranges from about 4,500 feet along State Highway 165 to 5,280 feet at the mouth of Providence Canyon. Millville is located just to the south, and Providence's Second West Street turns into the Main Street of Millville.

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The official site of Providence is at www.providence-city.com. See also Wikipedia's informative article on Providence.

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1700 South Street
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250 West Street
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Fuhriman Drive
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Hammond Lane
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Spring Creek Parkway
State Highway 165
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Twelfth South Street

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