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Hatch lies high in the mountains of south-central Utah, near the source of the Sevier River, and at an elevation of 6,917 feet. Flowing from springs near the summit of the mountains, the Sevier River flows northward, joined by several creeks before it passes Hatch on the east side of town. The river valley itself is narrow, lined by gentle slopes to benches and flats that cover quite a wide area. Across the valley from Hatch the mountains are topped with red-creamed rocky outcroppings reminiscent of Bryce Canyon which lies on the other side of these mountains.

Mormon pioneers made several settlements in this area starting in 1872, including Asay, Proctor, Castle, Johnson and Hatchtown. After problems including flooding, the settlers decided to all move to one settlement which was then named Hatch, located a mile and a half south of Hatchtown. The post office in Asay was moved to Hatch in 1888. The namesake of the town was Meltiar Hatch Sr, who with his two wives had settled at Hatchtown. Hatch was incorporated on January 3, 1934.

U.S. Highway 89 connects Hatch to Panguitch on the north and Long Valley to the south. The population of Hatch in the year 2000 was just 127.

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