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Leamington was settled in 1873 in the bottoms of the Sevier River near where it emerges from Leamington Canyon. Thomas Morgan was the first settler. It was named after Leamington in England by, Frank Young, who immigrated from there. Railroad tracks pass through the town as close as possible to the meandering path of the river and State Highway 132 parallels them on the south side. The town is mostly scattered along the south side of the highway, interspersed with farmland. A couple roads leave the highway and climb up onto the bench to the south where more houses sit. The name is pronounced Lemmington.

To the west of Leamington is the Sevier Desert, a large, arid basin which used to be the seafloor of Lake Bonneville. The Gilson Mountains to the north reach to just 7,500 feet, and the Canyon Mountains to the southeast reach to 9712 at Fool Creek Peak, which is visible from Leamington. The Sevier River has its sources in southern Utah, and travels north until it passes westward through the mountains near Leamington, and then it turns south to end at Sevier Lake in the Sevier Desert. The river provides the irrigation water which makes farming possible at Leamington. The elevation at Leamington is 4,720 feet. The population was 217 at the 2000 census. Leamington is in Millard County, but the Juab County line is only a mile north of the town.

The Little Sahara Sand Dunes, a recreation unit of the National Park System, lies just a few miles northwest of Leamington. It is a popular resort for dune buggy enthusiasts, and an interesting scenic feature.

The Leamington Museum preserves the old Mormon chapel built by the pioneers in 1903 using locally manufactured bricks. It served until 1986 and is still the main landmark in Leamington.

At the east end of town, State Highway 125 takes off from highway 132 and leads to Oak City. State Highway 132 heads west to Lynndyl, a few miles away, and east to Nephi, about 30 miles distant.

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