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Circleville sits at 6,060 feet in elevation in Circle Valley, surrounded by the mountains of south-central Utah. The name is derived from the shape of the valley, which widens out into a wide, round shape here, in contrast to the other long, narrow valleys along the Sevier River. The flat valley floor indicates that a lake once occupied this valley. Mountains reach above 10,000 feet on all sides of Circleville. Mt. Dutton, prominently visible to the south, is 11,041 feet tall. Thick alpine forest cover the tops of the mountains, with junipers and sagebrush on the lower slopes. With the valley floor in irrigated farmland, Circleville is surrounded by beautiful green scenery.

Circleville was settled in 1864 by Mormon pioneers. William Anderson, an early resident, gave the city its name. With a population of 505 (as of the year 2000), it is the largest city in Piute County. U.S. Highway 89 passes through the city, leading to Panguitch to the south, and Junction on the north. The Sevier River passes nearby also. Water from the Sevier River is an important resource for farmland in Circle Valley. You may note that in pictures just east of Circleville, the Sevier River is entirely dry, while upstream in Circleville Canyon it is flowing abundantly. Such is the contribution the river can make to farmland in Circle Valley.

The famous western criminal Butch Cassidy (whose real name is Robert Leroy Parker) spent his childhood at Circleville, living in a log cabin just south of town.

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See the Wikipedia Circleville article and the Circleville official site at www.CirclevilleUtah.org

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