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Mount Pleasant is a Mormon settlement at the north end of Sanpete Valley. A tall mountain range, capped by a ridge over 10,000 feet high rims the valley a few miles east of Mount Pleasant, which oddly seem to be unnamed. They are beautifully forested and full of recreational possibilities. To the west a ridge of hills divides the valley in two, called the Cedar Hills, which end at a point west of Mount Pleasant. The valley is filled with farmland but tends to be a somewhat arid, except along the feet of the mountains.

Mount Pleasant was laid out with spacious blocks and wide streets resulting in a low population density. Farms and domestic animals coexist with residents, with horses and chickens commonly found. A system of irrigation ditches still provides water in the city. In 1852, Madison D. Hambleton led a group of Mormon settlers in settling at Mount Pleasant. The settlement was abandoned during the Walkara Indian War, but was resettled in 1859. By 1880, there were 2000 inhabitants. They were diverse culturally, being Mormon converts from European countries as well as American.

Non-Mormons also had influence in the early days of Mount Pleasant, building the Wasatch Academy, a private boarding school still operating today.

U.S. Highway 89 passes through Mount Pleasant, heading north to Fairview and south to Ephraim. Utah Highway 116 begins at Mount Pleasant and heads west to Moroni, on the west side of the valley.

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Mount Pleasant’s official site is at www.mountpleasantcity.com. See also article in Wikipedia on Mount Pleasant.

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