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Moroni sits at the tip of a ridge of hills that extends from the north into Sanpete Valley. The valley extends to the northwest and northeast on both sides of the hills, and to the south for many miles. About a mile north of Moroni, a prominent hill reaches 6,028 feet, which is named Moroni Hill. Further north, they are called the Cedar Hills. The San Pitch Mountains form the western edge of the valley, about 3 miles west of Moroni. Several miles to the east the lie a mountain range which is apparently unnamed, but is topped by the Wasatch Plateau. Moroni lies in the central area of Utah.

Moroni was settled in 1859 by George Washington Bradley, a Mormon pioneer who became the first bishop of the town. In 1866, a war with Indians, called the Black Hawk War, caused the settlers to build a fort at Moroni with stone walls twelve foot high. Cabins lined the inside of the walls. Settlers from the neighboring towns of Wales and Fountain Green also lived in the fort for a time.

State Highway 132 passes through Moroni, passing east-west along Main Street. At the west side of town, it turns north, heading to Fountain Green, and on the east side, it turns south. State Highway 116 begins on the east side of town, and heads eastward to Mount Pleasant. Numerous rural roads lead into the surrounding farmland.

The population of Moroni was 1,280 at the 2000 census. The elevation ranges from about 5,520 to 5,640 feet.

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