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Brigham Young Academy

Historic Gates

The historic academy gate, which originally stood only on the
southwest corner entrance to Academy Square, was a gift from the
high school twelfth grade graduation class in 1912. The idea was
reportedly from a student, Higgins. J.E. Allen, architect, donated
his services and the white oolitic limestone, from the Sanpete
County Quarry, was a gift of Peter C. Peterson Jr. The same stone
was used in the Manti Temple and the Maeser Building on Temple
Hill. The total cost was about $800, including the wrought iron
fencing. The deteriorated gate was removed in 1962. The
foundation base of granite and the spherical balls of concrete
survived in poor condition but were not used in the reconstruction.

The reconstruction of the gates in pre-cast concrete and wrought
iron on both the southwest and northwest corners of Academy
Square was completed in the spring of 2005, over three years after
the Academy Bulding rededication. Dr. L. Douglas Smoot,
Brigham Young Academy Foundation, led the preservation effort,
with strong support from Mayor Lewis K. Billings and Library
Director W. Eugene Nelson. Dick Blackham was the Provo City
Facility Services Manager and the architect was Christiana
Phillips, MSJA Architects, Salt Lake City. The contractor was Child
Enterprises, Springville. All new materials were used in the
reconstructin at a total cost of $61,000.

Contributors and Honorees

Brigham Young Academy Foundation
B.Y. Academy Alumni
George H. Brimhall Descendant
Dan L. and Julie A. Clark
Stanley E. and Mary Alice Collins
Victor L. and Ruby M. Hansen
Seven Suns, Ltd.
Bill J. and Margaret M. Pope
L. Douglas and Marian B. Smoot

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