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About Weber County

Weber County covers 576 square miles reaching from the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake, across the Wasatch Front and deep into the Wasatch mountains. Ogden, the second largest city in Utah, and its suburbs, fill the fertile grasslands between the lake and the mountains. The jagged, rocky mountains rise thousands of feet above the city, covered in patches by junipers and scrub oak. Trees, houses and buildings stretch for miles below the mountains, with a few moderately tall buildings in the city center.

Ogden Canyon cuts into the abrupt face of the mountains on the east of Ogden, leading to the Ogden Valley which is nestled in the middle of the mountains. Smaller communities like Huntsville are found in Ogden Valley, along with recreation areas such as the Huntsville Reservoir and ski areas.

Weber County was one of the original counties formed in 1850. The county seat is at Ogden.

Interstate 15 passes north and south through Ogden, following the Wasatch Front. Interstate 84 leaves Interstate 15 near Ogden and cuts through the mountains to meet Interstate 80. Utah Highway 39 leaves Ogden eastward, passing through Odgen Valley, and into the Wasatch Mountains.

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