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The town of Eden is in the beautiful Ogden Valley, near the north shore of the Huntsville Reservoir, surrounded by the peaks of the Wasatch Mountains. Upscale homes are scattered throughout the Ogden Valley, as commuters working in Ogden have located here to reap the scenery. Hence, Eden is a spread-out with patches of farmland throughout the town.

Eden was settled by Mormon pioneers in 1855 and was named after the biblical Garden of Eden. It has not been incorporated, but was given a population of 600 at the 2010 census.

Utah Highway 166 heads southeast from Eden towards Huntsville, around the east side of the reservoir. Utah Highway 158 goes around the west side of the reservoir, and Utah Highway 162 goes northeast for a few miles to the end of the valley. The elevation is about 4,940 feet.

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Read the historical marker about Eden. See also the Wikipedia article, Eden, Utah.

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