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Riverside is an unincorporated town in the Bear River Valley of northern Utah. The surrounding land is covered with verdant farmland and dotted with farmhouses. A number of small towns are scattered through the area. The West Hills rise a couple miles to the east, covered in grass and patches of small trees. The Malad River flows by Riverside a mile to the east in a fifty-foot deep gully, and the Bear River is another mile to the east in a 100-foot deep gully. The two rivers converge a short ways to the south.

The population of Riverside was 760 at the 2010 census, showing a slight influx of people as the area along the Wasatch Front to the south grows. It was settled by Mormon pioneers.

U.S. Highway 191 used to be the highway through Riverside, but when Interstate 15 was built a few miles west of town, it was decommissioned. It is now called Utah Highway 13. It leads north to Plymouth and south to Garland. Utah Highway 30 also passes east-west through Riverside, connecting to I-15 on the west, and crossing the hills to the east to reach Logan in Cache Valley.

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Riverside is a popular name for towns, and on UntraveledRoad you can also visit a quiet town named Riverside next to the Snake River in Idaho. In California, you can see Riverside County.

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