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Erected 1931

Cache Valley

Known to the Indians as Willow Valley
was renamed by fur trappers and traders in the
winter of 1825-1826.
James Bridger led the first trappers to a winter
encampment near here in 1824. Towards December
1825 William L. Sublette, in charge of Gen. William H.
Ashley's mountain men, ordered many of the season's
furs cached in this vicinity.

Those interested in the furs stored to await
Gen. Ashley's merchandise caravan of 1826, and
similar caravans in subsequent years, were William
L. Sublette, James Bridger, Jedediah S. Smith, Thomas
Fitzpatrick, Enienne Provot, Robert Campbell, James
R. Beckwourth, David E. Jackson, Louis Nasquez, Jean
Baptiste Gervais, Moses Harris, and many others.

Utah Pioneer Trails and Landmarks Association
and Logan City Welfare Committee

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