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The Limber Pine Trail is a short nature hike in the Bear River Mountains west of Garden City, a nature trail offers a view of the flora and fauna of this area. A 2,560 year-old limber pine tree is the centerpiece of the tour. Numerous signs along the trail provide insight into the local ecology and climate.

The trail begins at a wayside stop on U. S. Highway 89, and makes a loop around the top of the mountain, ending near where it began. It is 1.3 miles in length. It is located near the Bear Lake Summit, where the highway crosses the Bear River Mountain Range passing from Bear Lake Valley on the east into the top of Logan Canyon, which leads southwest into Logan and Cache Valley.

The area is a popular recreation destination, with beautiful Bear Lake for summertime watersports and the beautiful forested mountains for hiking, camping and four-wheeling. In winter, snowmobile trails draw many visitors to the nearby "sinks", and skiiers to the Beaver Mountain Ski Resort.

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